Monday, April 21, 2014

SharePoint 2013 New Features and Functions

Database Improvements

·         Using shredded storage reduces the size of content databases when storing file versions and optimizes network traffic by reducing the need to transfer the entire document at one time.

·         All databases conform to Microsoft SQL Azure compliance criteria.

·         Redundant and unused tables are removed as well as indices to track links.

·         The design reduces Input/Output (IO) operations while browsing document libraries.

·         Improved large-list dependency.

WorkFlow Framework

·         WorkFlow Manager :  A highly scalable workflow framework that is implemented by using the Workflow Manager, originally known as Windows Azure Workflow (WAW). In SharePoint 2013,the Workflow Manager farm is not installed by default. When the WorkflowManager is installed, you can run both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows

Caching Service Improvements

·         SharePoint 2013 uses a distributed caching mechanism that spans all of the SharePoint servers in the farm. When content is saved in distributed cache, no round trip to the content database is needed for the second request.

·         Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) : SharePoint 2013 includes a new navigation framework that improves page load performance by only downloading those portions of the page that have changed. This is known as the Minimal Download Strategy (MDS).

The Theme Engine

·         In SharePoint 2013, the theme engine has changed so that themes are based on HTML5. There is also a corresponding SharePoint 2013 Object Model API with which developers can create and apply a new theme programmatically..

Service Application Improvements

SharePoint 2013 contains three new service applications (Machine Translation, Work Management and App Management). Of these three new service applications, only the Machine Translation service application can be used as a cross-farm service application         

            Search Service Application : Search Service Application is one which has major changes. In SharePoint Server 2013 you can have multiple search schema. you will not be able to create a successful Managed Metadata service application if a search service application is not installed


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